Interested in Previewing Three Straight?

By Kevin Packard                        twitter@kevinpackard

At last, after many delays, I’ve finally set up a Three Straight preview.

I’m using TestFlight to manage the distribution.  To create a TestFlight account and register your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, click here:


TestFlight will install some necessary software on your device. Register as many devices as you like.  Then, within a day or so, I will make a Three Straight build for you.

Once I create a build, TestFlight will send you a notification emali with a download link.
From your device, click the link. Three Straight will install on your device, and you can start playing.

What happens after that?
– as I add new features to Three Straight, I will make new builds available.
– you will receive a notification email for each new build. Just click he link to install.


The Rules

  1. You are Red.  The computer is Blue.
  2. You start.
  3. Take turns moving one space in any direction.  No jumps.
  4. The first player who gets three marbles in a straight line wins.
  5. Shake to reset.


Nothin’ Fancy

Three Straight has just barely come alive.  Only single-player mode is supported.  The computer plays at about a Medium ability.  There’s no way to change levels, or play online, or play with two people — yet!  These features and more are coming as soon as possible.


Thank You !

Thanks for participating. Please give feedback by leaving comments on this forum.  And please follow @threestraight on twitter!

Kevin Packard,

3 thoughts on “Interested in Previewing Three Straight?

  1. I’d say that we love it, but the kids won’t let me play; they want to play all the time. The only problem now is that they win about half the time. Keep the updates coming. Great game!

  2. Brad! Thanks for the feedback, glad you like it. Current focus is getting the Hard setting playable, which means optimizing the engine. Should provide a better challenge for you guys.

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